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The Florida Coalition for Children Foundation (FCCF) is the education, training, and research arm of the Coalition. The primary educational and training activity of the Foundation is the FCCF Annual Conference which is the premier child welfare professional development event in Florida.

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Aug 6

Examining the Relationship Between Childhood Trauma and Symptoms of ADHD

Symptoms of ADHD and symptoms of being exposed to significant trauma are often very similar. Insight into these symptoms is processed with relation to how toxic stress alters brain structure, how repetitive trauma is often seen as impulsivity and/or hyper

Aug 20

The Value of the Youth Voice in Placement Stability

Who is affected by placement changes in the foster care system? Why does placement stability matter? Learn the key reasons why placement disruptions should be minimized and what factors would lower the risk of frequent changes in placement.

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Sep 17


Through studying the brain, we know that when our cortisol levels are too high, our executive function is off-line. And when that happens over an extended period of time, how effective are we? Can we be a source of vision, imagination or wisdom if our bra

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